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Smoke Rhino F

For addition to existing alarms

Sale Price: $149.99 $299.99
Price: $149.99


SmokeRhino F connects to any existing alarm control as an added layer of protection. It only uses three connection signals: alarm, system status and empty cartridge notification. The smoke generator includes an onboard infrared sensor to guarantee that is only discharged after dual signaling, to avoid false alarms. 


**Please note that our F and R models require professional installation. Your current provider should easily be able to add our units to your current system. Please check with them before purchasing.


  • Smoke device with alarm for indoor use

  • Simple integration into existing alarm systems

  • Siren integrated into the alarm

  • Activation through single or double confirmation

  • Status indicator LEDs

  • Fill rate: 700 sq. ft in 15-20 seconds (based on standard ceiling size and continuous run time)

  • Permanent smoke presence (45-min with ventilation or 1-hour minimum on enclosed areas)

  • Very low energy consumption

  • Replaceable, completely eco-friendly, and non-toxic incense-based cartridges

  • Guaranteed to leave no residue

Dimensions (H W D)

170 x 95 x 120 mm


1 Kg  (including capsule)

Power Supply

12v dc

Consumption (standby)

85 – 220µa

Maximum consumption

200 ma

Instantaneous absorption

up to 200 mA (100 ms)

Filling capacity

150 - 250 m3

Smoke emission

Approx. 30 sec

Alarm state duration

2 min

Protection level


Temperature range

-20 °C to 80 °C

Capsule standby live time

2 years