How It Works


SmokeRhino: The security system that fights crime with smoke.

The ultimate security system that will keep your home protected. Safeguard your property with security smoke: effective, safe, independent, and fast.



The problem: People are spending huge amounts of money for standard security systems, but burglars still break in. When an alarm goes off, criminals know they have some time before anyone will intervene. Even the fastest police response time gives intruders precious minutes to take your belongings, mostly because they usually study the location’s daily schedule and know when to act.

SmokeRhino wants to proactively protect you, your loved ones, and your valuables for a fraction of the cost.

The solution: The logic is simple: Burglars can’t steal what they can’t see. If an alarm is triggered, SmokeRhino's security system generates an incense-based smoke that within 15-30 seconds fills the area completely. It makes it impossible for criminals to see, so they cannot steal.

Our security smoke takes the element of surprise from the intruder and uses it against him.


SmokeRhino, designed and manufactured in Italy, is the smallest standalone smoke alarm system providing you with the most effective result.


The cost: You would pay anything to protect your family and valuables. After all, their safety is priceless, right? Security companies know that, and they have put a very high price tag on their services. SmokeRhino is available at significantly lower rates in comparison to the average market price. Operating costs are low, and our machines don’t require any external power, as they come equipped with an onboard battery with a 2-year lifetime.

SmokeRhino is available for a modest initial investment with surprisingly low operating costs.

The outcome: The incense-based smoke released limits the visibility up to 98% inside the protected environment. It is also mildly irritating to the eyes, causing burglars to quickly flee. Unlike all other security systems, this is a truly effective way to prevent theft. The smoke is non-toxic, leaves no residue, and the disruption to the premises is minimal.


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